Classical civil law and family law

  • Full advocacy in civil litigious and non-litigious processes
  • Counseling , writing of documents in the whole area of civil and family law
  • Testaments, inheritance contracts
  • Gift contracts in case of death
  • Advocacy in inheritance process
  • Advocacy in divorces and in marital property-law suits
  • Advocacy in suits concerning alimony
  • Advocacy in fathership suits
  • Advocacy in cases of modification and regulation of parental surveillance and contact
  • Writing of marital property-law contracts
  • Legal separation of marital property
  • Advocacy in cases of compensation

Company law, economic law advocacy of other organizations

  • All inclusive legal counseling and administration during the establishment
  • Modification of the document of establishment for registered companies
  • Transaction of transformations (change of form, merger etc.) and acquisitions
  • Writing of syndicate contracts
  • Writing of trade and commercial contracts for economic and other organizations
  • Advocacy during getting back liabilities
  • Advocacy in processes of liquidation and dissolution
  • Establishment and advocacy of non-profit economical companies and social organizations (clubs, foundations, etc.)

Real estate law

  • Writing of real estate contracts (i.e. Sale & Purchase Agreement, gift contract, exchangecontract, private annuity contract, usufruct contract etc.)
  • Writing of lease agreement
  • Legal transactions concerning common property (abolition of common property, joint usage of common property)
  • Establishing of condominium/residential block, modification of the articles of association, writing and modification of residential block regulations
  • Advocacy at the district land registry
  • Advocacy in procedures of plot restructuring

Labor law

  • Writing and reporting of contracts of employment and collective agreements
  • All inclusive counseling regarding labor relations and other employment relationship
  • Advocacy in labor suits on both employers and employees sides

Criminal/penal law

  • All inclusive advocacy on both accused and injured sides

Advocacy at the public-administration authorities (tax, construction, etc.)

  • All inclusive advocacy in processes of the public-administration authorities and in connecting procedures.